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What are some famous Black Hat SEO techniques?


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15 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid Using

1.        Cloaking

2.        Keyword Stuffing

3.        Poor Quality and Duplicate Content

4.        Doorway and Gateway Pages

5.        Click bait

6.        Link Buying and Paid Links

7.        Spam Comments

8.        Article Spinning

9.        Invisible Text

10.     Fake click bait

11.     Page Swapping

12.     Domain Squatting

13.     Link Exchanges

14.     Private Blog Networks

15.     Social Media Network Spam

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Hello Friends,

Black hat SEO techniques

·         Keyword Stuffing  – Writing Thin Content or Using Keyword Stuffing Gets You Penalized by Google Panda

·         Over-Optimized Alt Description  – Practice the Keyword Stuffing in Your Alt Description Image

·         Commercial Anchor Text on Internal Pages – Using Keyword-Rich Anchor Texts for Internal Links

·         Irrelevant Keywords – Abusing Irrelevant Keywords Just to Rank Will Damage Your CTR

·         Linking Over-Optimization – Trying to Over-Optimize the Inbound Links Will Ruin Your Link Profile

·         Hidden/ Invisible Text and Links – Hiding Links and Text or Writing Tiny Text for the Sole Purpose to Build Links

·         HTML Heading Over-Optimization – Using Multiple H1s on a Page Copied Content – Writing Copied Content Will Hamper Your Ranking

·         Content Automation – Using Automated Ways to Generate Content

·         Link Selling – Selling Links Will De-Index Your Website and Cut Your Traffic to Halt

·         Buying Links – Stop Buying Links to Receive Link Juice

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