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What is a good CTR for Google search?


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Hi Friends,
That is a signal that in part tells you how relevant or helpful is an advertising campaign. Of course, the higher the better. Yet on the web CTRs change according to several factors. The main one we can take into account is related to the industry.

In fact, CTRs range anywhere from 1.35% up to 3.40% according to WordStream.[1]For instance, B2B has an average CTR of 2.55% while consumer services have an average CTR of 1.35%. The average CTR seems to be 1.91% across all industries.

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Click-through rate is the percentage of total ad views that result in clicks, and it is one of the key factors in Google’s Quality Score formula. Google uses Quality Score to determine both your ad position and actual cost per click.

What’s a good click-through rate for Google Ads? It depends on your industry, your business type, your goals and other factors.

But as a starting point, you can use our free bench marking tools see if your current Google Ads click-through rate is higher or lower than average in your industry.


The average CTR across an industries in Google Ads is 1.91% on the search network and 0.35% on the display network. 

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