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What are the different types of SEO techniques?


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On page SEO Techniques are

  1. Keywords in Title Tag
  2. A unique title for every page
  3. Title length should be between 55 to 65 characters
  4. Brand Name in Title
  5. Keywords in Meta Description
  6. Unique Meta description for every page
  7. Brand Name in Meta Description
  8. Title length should be between 150 to 160 characters
  9. Keywords in H1 and H2 (Heading tags)
  10. Keyword density within content
  11. Unique content on a page basis
  12. Quality content with good length
  13. Images with Alt attribute
  14. URL Structure as per the hierarchy
  15. Using of Keywords in URL
  16. Use of dash operator in URL
  17. Avoid using session ID, parameters and any special character apart of the dash
  18. Interlinking among pages with proper anchor text
  19. Canonical tag integration for redirection and non-indexing
  20. Meta viewport for mobile SEO
  21. Broken Links redirected with appropriate link
  22. If Broken links not redirected remove it
  23. Custom 404 pages for all non-available page
  24. Favicon
  25. Blog
  26. Sitemap.xml
  27. SSL
  28. Robots.txt
  29. Mobile compatible
  30. Page size
  31. Page loading time
  32. W3C validated
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