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Which is the most important area to include your keywords?


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Hello Friends,

You don’t have to remember the regions of the blog in which you should put the keywords. They start from title to the bottom of the website/ blog. These include text, photos, widgets (gadgets) - everything.

However, you MUST NOT STUFF keywords in any area. Also do not repeat the same keyword.

Earlier people used to recommend putting keywords necessarily in Description MetaTag, in the top 50 and bottom 50 words etc. That all is now not only useless, it is harmful as search engines have become smarter in knowing when the keywords have been put just to fool them (search engines). It has been found recently that Google likes keywords which are distributed all across the website/ blog and not concentrated in some specific area.

Important area for keyword stuffing:

1. Website Content
2. Meta Tags
3. Anchor text

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SEO is all about making your page as relevant as possible to a target keyword used in a search engine. Perhaps the most important, and famous, aspect of this is through the use of keywords.

10 most valuable places
1. URL

2. Title Tag

3. Meta Description

4. Page Content

5. Headers and Sub-heads

6. Image Alt Text

7. Filenames

8. Internal Linking

9. Meta Keywords

10. Domain Name

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