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Are dynamic URLs bad for SEO?


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Hi Friends,

URLs are classified into two types: static and dynamic. A static URL is one in which the content of the web page remains the same as long as the changes are not hard coded within the HTML. On the other hand, a dynamic URL is one which is a result of a search within a website driven by a database running on some script.

Pros of Dynamic URLs

  • they're usually longer?
  • Google (1 of the 4 major search engines) says they can effectively crawl and index them

Cons of Dynamic URLs

  • Lower click-through rate in the search results, in emails, and on forums/blogs where they're cut and pasted
  • A greater chance of cutting off the end of the URL, resulting in a 404 or other error when copying/pasting
  • Lower keyword relevance and keyword prominence
  • Nearly impossible to write down manually and share on a business card or read over the phone to a person
  • Challenging (if not impossible) to manually remember
  • Does not typically create an accurate expectation of what the user will see prior to reaching the page
  • Not usable in branding or print campaigns
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