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I know some of the members here are already familiar with BestForexCashBack.com and the services we offer. So this is for those that haven't yet discovered the joys of getting paid with BestForexCashBack.com just for your normal day to day trading. I am very proud to introduce BestForexCashBack.com here. :wub:

I should also thank topgoldforum.com here which is one of the greatest forums in trading market that provided this opportunity for us.

Who is BestForexCashBack.com?

BestForexCashBack.com is "introducing brokers" (aka. an "IB" which you may have heard around the internet!). IB's get paid for referring clients to various brokers. A lot of IB's will keep their profits, but BestForexCashBack.com is very kind to not only share their profits, but share a huge proportion of them. :smile:

This means that if you choose to either signup to an account using BestForexCashBack.com, or contact your broker to transfer your account to BestForexCashBack.com, you will be able to start receiving cash whenever you like based on the volume which you trade.

How Much Can I Get Paid?

That depends very much on how much volume you are trading (how many "lots" you trade). You can go to our website @ BestForexCashBack.com for more details of every broker. :wink:

Why do we recommend BestForexCashBack.com?

In short, all we can say is we have not heard one complaint about our service from the time we have been active and by following us for a few months you can easily see this too. We pay out, and we pay out at extremely competitive rates, you cannot find any IB can compete with our rates. Our company also has ethics of honesty and integrity. :cool:

You can get rebates from BestForexCashBack.com if you are with or intend to open an account with any of the following brokers: Mayzus, Exness, RoboForex, HotForex, FxNet, IronFx, Forex4you, FxOpen, NordFx, InstaForex and FiboGroup.

You can also compare your rebate broker by visiting here.

BestForexCashBack.com is a member of this forum and will be at your service if you have any question. :wink:

BestForexCashBack.com – Get the Highest Forex Rebate for Every Trade. :laugh:


Kind Regards,

Support Team

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