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Check with few of this ways to initiate with the blogging

  1. Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive.
  2. Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting.
  3. Customize your blog. Choose a free template and tweak it.
  4. Write & publish your first post. The fun part!
  5. Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog.
  6. Make money blogging.
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  1.  Select a perfect niche for your blog.
  2.  Choose a blogging platform.
  3.  Pick a domain name.
  4.  Get a web hosting account.
  5.  Starting a blog on WordPress.
  6.  Select a WordPress theme to design your blog.
  7.  Write content and promote your blog.
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Firstly you can Decide on the topic - What will you cover in the blog? like travel, education, fashion, food etc. 
Then you can start with a  free blog like blogger, word press, over blogger etc.  But write the quality content . 


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How to Start a Blog in 12 Steps:

  1. Discover your niche
  2. Find the perfect domain name
  3. Pick the best web host
  4. Point your domain name to your host
  5. Install WordPress
  6. Pick an eye-catching WordPress theme
  7. Install WordPress plugins
  8. Install Google Analytics
  9. Set up your email list
  10. Pick a blogging cadence
  11. Build an audience
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