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Explain Cross-linking and its functions in SEO ?


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In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Cross-linking, in simple words, can be defined as linking between two sites. Both the sites that are linked do not need to be owned by the same person. Cross-linking, in a way, helps both (or all the sites that are cross-linked) the sites in rising up the search engine ranks.

 The function of cross-linking in a site can be termed as follows:

1. Unique content: As already discussed, it is essential and necessary for both the sites to have unique and original content. So that the site visitors can learn new and unique things from each of the sites.

2. Increase in traffic: Getting users to visit a website through cross-linking can help in the increase in traffic on both of the sites, as people will always look for information and new things to learn. So having unique content on both the sites will serve the purpose.

3. Different content but related topics: One of the most critical functions of cross-linking is to provide different, original content related to the topic that the user is searching for.

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