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How to get leads through SEO?


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Here some  simple ways to optimize your site for lead generation.

Add Forms to the Pages That Get the Most Traffic.

Measure Each Lead Generator's Performance. 

Optimize Each Step of the Lead Generation Process. 

Start with a Basic CTA on Your Homepage. 

Offer Ebooks for Download on Specific Blog Posts.

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The main ‘secret' to get leads through SEO is through proper landing pages.

You can have all the traffic in the world, but you need your customers to share information with you in order to complete your sale.

This is where landing pages come in, and they basically ask your visitors to share details such as their email ID in return for potentially useful information such as a newsletter, an offer or a discount or the like.

So, basically create many landing pages and focus on these to convert your traffic into leads and then sales!

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If you are want to generate a lead through SEO. I suggest you must be listing your website this Portal like Classified, Forums, Free Guest Posting, Articles, Blogs Post, Image Submission , SMO like FB, G+, Twitter and many more. All Steps need to create a genuine Leads.

You must be follow your competitor Website.

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