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Why is my page not indexed?

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1. Your Site is Indexed Under a www- or Non-www Domain

2.  Google Hasn’t Found Your Site Yet

3. The Site or Page(s) are Blocked With robots.txt

4. you Don’t Have a sitemap.xml

5. You Have Crawl Errors

6. You Have Lots of Duplicate Content

7. You’ve Turned On Your Privacy Settings

8. The Site is Blocked by .htaccess

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  • 5 Reasons Your Page Is Not Indexed On Google Search and How to Fix It
  • In some cases, Google will not index some pages on your site because it can't crawl them. Even though it can't crawl them, it can still see them. To identify these crawl errors, go to Google Webmaster Tools → Select your site, → Click on “Crawl” → Click on “Crawl Errors”
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