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What Makes The Mobile App A Better Than A Mobile Website

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We all are very much aware of the popularity if mobile searches. Many of the users have now shifted from desktop browsing to mobile browsing. And this complete shifting has made the business owners start caring about the mobile’s 5-inch screen than the desktop. Mobile provides its users with two options, first ‘Mobile App’ and the second ‘Mobile Website.’


Everyone has become familiar with the word Mobile app and if you are confused with Mobile website, then it means a responsive website accessible through both mobile and desktop. Most businesses know their importance and thus owe both of them, however, for those small businesses who want to make a choice between the two here we have the answer.


Both responsive website designing and mobile app development is a costly process. Mind mingles is the mobile app development and Mobile App Marketing company that can provide with great quality services.


The reason behind this article is to make the picture of the difference between these two clear and thus take a cost-effective decision:


1.    App can personalize in a better way than a website: A mobile app can take the user experience to more personalized level as compared to the responsive website. Here every person can set up preferences, the way they want. Apps also provide you with the user location and area of interest using which you can send a suggestion and update to the user. All these things you cannot do on a website.


2.    Easy communication with the users via the app: The digital marketing companies have used the email marketing to such an extent that today it has lost all of its charms. Mobile app marketing companies now hold the command of making it easier for the app owners. By using mobile applications you can send notifications to the customers. Even the conversation rate of the mobile app is higher than the mobile website.


3.    The mobile app has many attractive offline features: Though the internet has become very much important for the users still the advantage of offline features is seamlessly exceptional. However, with the website, you cannot provide any offline feature to the users. With an offline feature, you form a bond with the users that stays connected even after internet gets disable.


4.    App contains many smart features: Web designing has become so much advanced still somewhere it depends upon the browser for its advanced features. Wherein mobile application servers you with freedom of creating the feature the way you want it to be. In the app, you can add smart gestures like tap, blink, swipe and many more.


5.    Apps are faster than websites: As the app uses the local machine that is the users mobile for data storage and not the third party browser or remote server, it works faster than the mobile website.


6.    With the mobile app you can contact your users regularly: when any user downloads your application, this means he has the one and its icon in his device, which will continuously keep on reminding the user of your brand. If any user will require anything related to your brand he will tap on your app’s icon. Whereas the scene is a bit tragic on the mobile websites. Even if your website impresses the visitor their no assurance of the revisit.


7.    Mobile apps users device feature for their own gain: App when you install the application in your device your grant it the permission to access your contact list, camera, photo gallery and more, which you can use for your own brand’s benefit.


What is your choice now?

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