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What qualities should an effective PPC contain?


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  • CTA (Call To Action)
  • Using ‘strong’ words in order to increase CTR (Click Through Rate) and words you must avoid using
  • Use non-round numbers. For example, use ‘47’ instead of ‘50′. Why? Because based on tons of researches, it increase ad CTR.
  • A/B testing at least 15 ad variations (change words and phrasing)
  • A/B testing of your image ad. I can’t emphasize how important it is. Images are catching the users eyes more than anything else!
  • Test as many keywords as you can. For a fact, 20% of your keywords will be responsible for 80% of your traffic (the 80/20 rule).
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Qualities that an effective PPC ad as per my experience and practice would be-

1.Use of relevant keywords only and the way to find relevant keywords is by testing as many keywords as possible.

2. An impactful and relevant ad copy is vital .According to googles algorithm even if your bidding amount is low but your ad copy is a masterpiece your ad might rank above other high bidders.

3.Make sure your Ad Copy and Landing Page has similar details to convey so that when someone clicks on your ad he/she is directed to what they were actually looking for and they don’t bounce off because the landing page has a different story to tell.

4. Call to action -It is the desired action you want a visitor to take on your site and users desired action is what you count as a conversion.

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