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Name some Google AdWords ad extensions?


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5 Ways Google Ad Extensions Can Improve Your AdWords Campaign. Sitelink Extensions. Google Adwords Sitelinks are additional links in your advert that will take prospective customers direct to a specific page on your website. Callout Extensions. Click to Text Extensions. Call Extensions. Review Extensions.

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Google Ads Extensions That Will Help You Generate More Sales

  1. Manual ad extensions
  2. Sitelink extensions
  3. Location extensions
  4. Affiliate location extensions
  5. Call extensions
  6. Message extensions
  7. App extensions
  8. Callout extensions
  9. Structured snippet extensions
  10. Price extensions
  11. Promotion extensions
  12. Automated ad extensions
  13. Automated call extensions
  14. Automated message extensions
  15. Dynamic sitelink extensions
  16. Dynamic structured snippet extensions
  17. Automated location extensions
  18. Seller ratings extensions
  19. Dynamic callout extensions
  20. Boost traffic and conversions with Google Ads extensions
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Different ad extension can enhance the increase in traffic. Some of the common Ad extensions used in AdWords are


Call Extensions

Location Extensions

Social Annotations

Seller ratings

Mobile app extensions

Offer Ads

Communication Ad

Review extension

Image and drop down navigation Ad extension

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