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Name some areas where keyword optimization is done?


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As keywords is a big part of what Google looks at, here is where your targeted keyword should appear:

  1. Once in the page title, as close as possible from the beginning of it.
  2. At least once in the meta description
  3. Once near the top of the page
  4. Subheadings
  5. At least two or three times inside your content, you can add it more often if your content is unusually long.
  6. At least once for an image Alt Attribute
  7. Once in your URLs
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According to my knowledge, to optimize the site rankings keywords plays the most prominent role but if we follow the methods like Keyword prominence, Keyword Density, Keyword placements and Keyword proximity.

Keyword Prominence means how prominent the keywords are in the website, how important they are within your site with relevance.
Keyword density means the percentage of keywords you used in the page itself to the total number of words in it.
Note: Keyword density must be within 2% to 3 % as recommended by search engine.

3.Keyword placements, there are some placements where the presence of keywords in page is very important to rank in search engine page results.

The presence of keywords within a page are

Page Title
First paragraph of content
In every headings and sub headings
Note: keywords should be used with different variations

4.Keyword proximity means the closeness between the two keywords(distance between two keywords in page)

Follow this methods, so you can reach the goal as per your expectations.

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