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5 Usual Website Blunders Revealed Through Content Audits

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The content audit is a vital aspect of content services. Without this audit one cannot create an effective strategy as before setting any content live you should know what type of content you have, what are you missing in the content and what is exactly too much in the content.

I am gone through copious contents and have found something special for my readers. So, here I am going to tell you all 5 website blunders revealed through the content audit:

1.    No Clear CTA:

This is a kind of common mistake I found many of the website designers or content creators doing. When you get a visitor what you want them to do next, obviously to purchase your service or product, but what will happen if they do not get it with an ease? You will lose your potential customer.

For this, you should have a highly visible CTA button with an appealing text.

2.    Content Ignoring Important Fundamentals:

There are three important perspectives of a perfect content and that are consideration, awareness, purchase or retention and it is always advisable that one should write content fulfilling these fundamentals.

However, mostly I noticed content ignoring consideration, awareness and retention and focusing just on the purchase and hence end-up being just a mess, as such asking-you-to-buy type content doesn't appeal to the customers.

3.    Not Making Worthwhile Use of Testimonials:

Testimonials are such powerful tool to grab the attention of your would be Customers, though while content audit this one as well disappointed me.

I never advise people to create a testimonial page; instead I recommend them to link the testimonial with the service. Like if you have a page focusing on the quick delivery link the respective testimonial with that page.

4.    No Pricing Related Content:

I found many of my clients do not prefer to mention the price on their website. The reason might be anything from, customized pricing to competitive pricing but this should not be happening.

One should always include pricing in the content as it qualifies the lead. If a customer knows you’re pricing and still want to reach you than you can call it quality lead.

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5.    Poor site architecture and internal linking:

What exactly there in your content is as important as what your content is? A properly organized content is pleasure reading, easy to find on search engines and also receives the good ranking.

Internal is also a worthy part of the content which can't be overlooked. Before linking one should know where and what to link as it can make or break your SEO.


These are some of the savior mistakes which I have found in countless number contents and these blunders can cost you heavily. One should be in touch with a good SEO company guiding them to write the result oriented content.

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