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What Are Some Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Business Make?

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If you use any platform of social media. But If you not look to Social Media Marketing Mistakes then it is difficult to grow business.

Tips to improve Social media marketing mistakes:-

  • If you are not dealing with social media negative feedback.
  • You are not addressing to negative comments.
  • Being a faceless corporation with no human touch.
  • Promoting yourself a lot.
  • Spamming.
  • Very little interaction.
  • No real Followers.
  • Automated Posting of Links.
  • You are not tracking the analytics properly.
  • Featuring sex, drugs, violence on your profile
  • You are not having a Social Media team.

As I am a Facebook marketer and I look almost all mistake of point which I have mentioned above and it  really help me to improve the strategy for Facebook marketing.

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