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What is the importance of sitemap in Seo?


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Do you browse SEO forums or consult different SEO agencies and they talk about optimizing your file "Sitemaps.xml"?

You do not know what that means? No worries, we will explain you the interest of this famous Sitemaps which translates as "Plan of the Web site" .

Launched by Google in 2005, Sitemaps is a solution that provides Google's crawlers with a site map in XML format. Google bot can then identify and check the pages that are indicated in the file. A crawler is a robot (which is also called spider > or bot ). These robots browse the web and automatically retrieve the web pages visited.

The concept of this file is quite simple. Indeed, you create an XML file which will contain the list of the pages of your site then you indicate various information like the frequency of update of these pages, the priority of crawl, etc ...). The home page will have a priority index of 1.

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