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How To Steal Content From Competitors


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Here is how you can steal content from your competitors

1. Understand the different types of competitors

  • Direct Competitors (Similar products and services, similar goals)
  • Indirect Competitors (Similar products and services, different goals)
  • Replacement Competitors (Substitute products)

2. Use SimilarWeb to find out whether competitors are paying for traffic
3. Take a look at their SEO strategy
4. Run a social media audit
5. What’s their content strategy?
6. Look at blog topics and post length
7. The Skyscraper Technique
8. Harness the power of inbound links
8. Tying it together


Make your content longer, more up-to-date, and more heavily researched. Add in as many high-quality images as you can.

Finally, harness the power of inbound links. Identify which sites are linking out to your competitor’s pieces.

Then, when you create similar content, contact those sites and ask them to link to yours instead. Use Viola Norbert to find anyone’s corporate email address that you might not have already.

Source- Neil Patel - Blog

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