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Ewsaly.com - Free Facebook Likes.


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ewsaly.com - Free Facebook Likes.

How it Works?

This is an exchanging network where people do Facebook Likes/Shares or view YouTube videos, or do Hits on Google-Plus or Visit websites. In return they get points. These points can be used to get more fans or convert points to money for cashout.


Get 50 Points daily bonus, 50 Points signup bonus, and 50 Points per referral bonus!
Get 10% Points of each referral bonus! (new)
Easy Facebook likes/shares exchanger with Unlike Detector.
Easy Google Plus+ exchanger with Un-Plus Detector.
Easy Twitter followers exchanger.
Easy YouTube subscribe exchanger.
Easy YouTube views exchanger. (Auto-Surf)
Easy YouTube likes and comments exchanger.
Easy Websites Hits exchanger. (Manual-Surf)
Buy 1000 FaceBook Likes for as low as $1


Get Paid $0.0009 per Facebook like, Twitter follow, Google Plus or Traffic Hit!
Low $0.10 minimum payout
Get 0.01 signup bonus
AlertPay & LibertyReserve supported
No need to deposit to Start Earning


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