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How to remove redirect page..?

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Are you facing a problem with your browser that continuously redirects to an uncomfortable website? Then there are chances that are your pc is affected by browser redirect virus 
Here are important steps to avoid this type of virus 

1- Uninstall the Redirect virus from your computer. And also press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command Window. Type “regedit” 

2- Remove the redirect virus from chrome , firefox and ie. Open Google chrome . In the main menu of chrome select tool extension 

3- Browser redirect viruses are usually caused by adware or hijacker, lurking somewhere on your computer.

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You want to remove your redirect virus from chrome first you want to clean your temp, clean browser history, uninstall program you dose not  use . If your are looking for software so i suggest you best software which can help you easy way.

Cromeshield LLC

CyberScrub Privacy Suite

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls

Tracks Eraser Pro

Clean Space



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