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Hello People

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Hello I'm desbest.

I'm here to make some money and I like this forum as it seems friendly and without scams.

I am sick of get paid to websites not paying enough and maybe I can find some sites that will.

I am also a web developer running my own get paid to website.

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Hello desbest. Nice to have you here bro. So you are a webdeloper huh ... Show us some of your work .. There are members here that are looking for Money Making Industry developers


Okay then. I didn't want to look overqualified. I've heard that people get rejected in job interviews for being overqualified.

I know html, css, php and photoshop. I could have learnt flash and objective-c (mac/iphone apps) off my friend who I have on my msn but I don't have the time.

http://desbest.uk.to <-- my portfolio site (i am not a freelancer which is why the design isn't flashy)

http://hostingz.org <-- my webhost (i have been on 300+ free webhosts in 3 years so i decided to make my own webhost)

http://yourprice.uk.to <-- i designed and coded my own GPT website as I want to shake up the GPT market and make a high paying website without any money being required.

http://fresherplay.tk <-- online radio music discovery and musician promotion website.

And about traffic. I don't pay money to advertise my websites as I don't have the money. But I do have 324 page views every 5 days and rising. My low traffic and zero advertising budget is the reason why I have many websites, to make it easier for me to advertise. But then again, I'm not in it for the money.

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Your sites looks good especially the free webhost. I like it. Good luck with your GPT site as wel.. btw you should add a Register button as well it took me some time to figure out the Login button goes to signup form as well.

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