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BB link building problem


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Has anyone else had any problems with BB building links to other pages in their website lately? I'm in the middle of launching a new affilliate shop section on my website. I've built several T3 pages that are all ready to go and be linked to via the new T2 page. I've got all the content of this page saved in notepad thankfully as I was trying to get BB to do the final build all day yesterday!!! (At least 4 attempts) It passes AI and is ready to go but everytime I hit build I get a message telling me

"Sorry we can't complete building this page as we're unable to build one of the links."
It doesn't tell me which link and doesn't give me any idea whats actually wrong. 
I have 6 Graphic links off that T2 page to 6 seperate T3 pages all opening in new windows.I tested all 6 links in preview while I was constructing the T2 page and all opened in seperate windows and linked to the correct T3 page as I intended.
All 6 links are to internal pages within my site non are directing out to the affiliate... that happens from the T3 pages and it's working fine.

I keep staring at the urls of T3 pages and can't see anything wrong. In fact Traffic Stats is telling me that all of the pages are getting great hits already even without a T2 page leading off my tool bar so I'm really stumped  I know it's probably me missing something simple,but can't see what it is for the life of me.Does anyone have any ideas?  

Please help

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