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What is Guest Posting In Seo...?


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Guest Blogging is more than writing a blog post for some other blog...There are 2 types of guest blogging –

1. Guest blogging on own blog
2. Guest blogging on others blog 

After google panda updation guest blogging is much more importent than link exchange..importence of guest blogging is visitor attract to our blog and can share something or give some comments and give a link to our blog..

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In SEO, Guest Posting is a method using which you write an article for a website and get a link to your website/blog in return. You may also link to your social media profiles.

Most of the times, you will get a link from the author bio:


It is a win-win situation for both the parties. You get a link from the website, while the website owner gets content for his/her site.

However, it has much more advantages and is not limited to just link building.

Say, you guest posted on a popular blog having a lot of email subscribers and social following.

If your post is good enough, it will make you popular among the audience of that blog. Not only that, you will also get the opportunity to interact with them through blog comments. Also, guest posting links act as a source of referral traffic.


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