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How to visible website in google search results?


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First step to make your blog visible on google searches is to list your website in google directory.
Here i found step by step way of submitting your website on google, Yahoo and Bing.
How to submit sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing webmaster tools [ step by step guide]
After submitting your site to search engines, you need to do little SEO on your website.
Few tips on white hat SEO are:

  1. Use keywords in title, H1 tags.
  2. Use main keywords in first and last 30 words.
  3. Make article Grammar free.
  4. Make important keywords bold, italic and underline.
  5. Give proper formatting( Headings, subheadings, spacing etc,).
  6. Interlink your content.
  7. Share your articles on all social channels.
  8. Write quality articles to earn organic Do follow back links.
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Hi, many people have already given you some good tips here which I also strongly feels can help you in solving your problem. Also, if you are getting problem in indexing your site you should try the Google fetch option in webmaster tool which can let you know if your site has any script running which is blocking your site to be get indexed.


Haim Toledano

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Some of the useful tips for visible websites in Google Search Results are: 

  • First of all Optimize each page of your site with rich content. Your pages need to include concisely written, Descriptive content.
  • Try to use unique title tags and meta descriptions for every page of your website.
  • Make your website to load faster.
  • Optimize images also.
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