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Email or Social Media, which one do you prefer?


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That's for sure an interesting topic: Email marketing vs Social Media Marketing

I will show you right now why the best results are gathered when you combine both. That's because email marketing is for contacts you already have while social media marketing can be used to acquire new contact and leads.

Sending emails to people and business you don't know got some traction lately being called outreach however it may be illegal in some countries to send unsolicited emails.

Another problem of email marketing is that when you send a message to someone you face a lot of mistrust which is somehow natural with all th scams and spams floating around. You can go over it by gradually building trust by opening yourself, showing your business, your social profiles etc.



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While one can get confused in quantitative and qualitative analysis for email and social media marketing, I would explain it in 10 simple points.

  1. Email has almost 3 times as many users as Facebook and Twitter combined.
  2. Email is more personal and can be easily customized.
  3. Email is the most preferred mode of communication for business.
  4. Email gets more attention than any other posts on social media.
  5. Email marketing is cost effective
  6. Email marketing is measurable
  7. Email marketing increases brand awareness
  8. You own your email list.
  9. Emails are more engaging than social media


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Email and social media both are good but the best one is social media having Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Imo and many more. Social media is a best way to engage more peoples daily. You can also do advertisement about your product on social media.

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Email marketing and social media are like parallel universes that communicate with each other.

I suggest using email marketing when you’re looking more for reach, traffic and direct conversions. Social media, on the other hand, is a great tool that can help you engage your audience and assist you with making more sales.


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here are the top reasons why email list beats social media :

1. You get more attention
2. Control who sees what
3. Personalize for better results
4. Segment messages to increase conversion
5. Test what works
6. Legal questions are simpler
7. Familiar channel will work in your favor
8. Email is still most used channel
9. You own your email list
10. Email gets you more engagement
11. People prefer email for promotional messages

To get all points in details click here: https://bit.ly/2nKvPAE


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On 1/26/2019 at 12:53 AM, ovone said:

I think email marketing is better for working with regular customers to send them special discounts and applications.

Email marketing is cold marketing but social media marketing is trendy and for small and large businesses but Email marketing I guess just for Big brands.

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Email is the good one but social media can be engaged to more people which you don't know and if they are interested they will contact you when it comes to email means you will send a mail to unknown person so the people will find that as spam so the conversion will be sometimes low in email than the social media

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