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Why are web directories dead?


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Web directories died (or better said link value from them is much lower) because it was a SEO technique well abused more than 5 years ago when Google decided to devalue links coming from them.

That's happening sooner or later with any SEO technique that is abused. 

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There are several types of directories. main categories are below;

General (Low quality website directories)
Niche (Quality website directories)
Industry specific (Quality website directories)
Local. (Quality website directories)

Search engines like google trust well-organised directories and consider them authoritative. Accordingly, the links you build on local, niche and industry specific directories are considered quality and reputable too. Building links on quality directories boosts your local search visibility as they have a high volume of referral traffic that may potentially pass on to your website.

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They died because the web is so large that it's somewhere between cost-prohibitive and impossible to index directory-style manually (which is how directories used to be maintained). And nobody's come up with a way to automate it that's been effective and not subject to gaming by spammers.

Additionally, categorization is useful for quickly answering only a tiny subset of query types.

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