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Posting Ads On Facebook

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Good Day Guys,

I have had some person ask me how do I make so many sales on Facebook, so I have decided to make a post that can give you some basic tips.

Please be advised that these are what I use to make daily sales but might not guarantee you will get the same results. If there are any members that have had success on posting Facebook ads, feel free to share your tips so it can help others in achieving some level of success on Facebook.

Contrary to what many may fell, Facebook is now one of the biggest platforms for advertising products and services. Separate and apart from the social aspect of Facebook, there are also a lot of business groups that does advertisement on a daily basis that basically covers all niches you can think off.

Now there are four (4) key factors that you must think of before posting an effective ad on Facebook.

1] The Title of the Ads

2] The Length of the Ads

3] The Image Proof of the Ads

4] The Effective time to post the Ads.

The content and examples being shared will be covering these four (4) main areas.

1] The Title of the Ads

An effective title is key to getting the attention of your visitors. Try to make your Title stand out from the rest that is posted by making it current, emphasizing titles, and no more than one line and a link to the product services below the Title. See example below.

EVERY DAY IS A PAY DAY!! (You can use all caps or ***EVERY DAY*** +++EVERY DAY+++) and so on....

Click here for more details==> (Link to the product)

I made six (6) sales from this simple Ad title yesterday. If you noticed, it does not reveals everything about my Product but instead lowers the visitor to my advertisement or website for them to find out what product or services that I am using to get paid from every day.

Be creative in your Title Post at all time (Be Current & Relevant).

2] The Length of the Ads

The length of ads posted at time can deter a visitor from your advert on Facebook more than you know. Please bear in mind that the details would have already been posted on your website link attached so why reveal everything on Facebook in that little Ad window. Making sense right?

The longer your ads are, the more chances of the important information get hidden under the (see more..) details section on facebook. Lengthy posts about the Ads are somewhat ineffective and are said to not convert as much. Do not make your ads post more than two to three lines and within those lines, try to be as convincing as possible.

Please bear in mind that in a group of over five to ten thousand members, It takes seconds for your ads to jump of screen, so within that few seconds that your visitors are viewing your ads for, try to make use of this and be as convincing as possible.

3] The Image Proof of the Ads

This is a very, very important factor of your ads being place on Facebook... Why you may ask?

There are two main reasons for this...

A] When an image is posted on Facebook, it increase the viewable size of your post and additionally is another point of "call to action" for your visitors. Statistic shows that 95% of visitors respond and convert better to an ad with image proof than one without. An image proof validates that the programme, product and services actually works and does what it is designed to. Which is makes sales...

B The second factor is based on the "Principles of Psychology & Science". It is said that within the human scope of memory, the image section of memory is by far the strongest which takes a longer time to decay. This is really a fact if you think about it. It is quicker to associate to a product or service when an image is put in to the scope of things...

4] The Effective time to post the Ads.

This key factor is a must if you plan to succeed on making sales from Facebook. There are three key specific times in a day, when most users are visiting Facebook online. The hours between 5-7am (morning), 10am-1pm (Break & Lunch) and 5-8pm (night). Any other time outside of this, your ads are basically ineffective. I have supervise a number of staff while at work and have really noticed that this time frame "10am-1pm (Break & Lunch)" seems to be most effective hence I would recommended this time frame as well.

Hope you all have enjoyed this post and in the process, have learnt how to post effective ads on Facebook that actually converts like I am doing.

For those with additional strategies to be used on Facebook, feel free to leave a post and comment.

Thank You

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