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Which is best technique For link building..?


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1.       The broken-link building method

2.      Backlinks through infographics

3.       The advantage of guest articles

4.       Spy on your competitors.

5.       Build internal links.

6.       Promote your content.

7. Write testimonials.

8. Contact journalists and important bloggers.

9. Donate.

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Reciprocatory Linking
As long as you don't do too much reciprocatory linking and also make good sense from a viewers point of view, web link exchange is not something negative.

Article Marketing or Guest Posting
It's terrific that individuals compose articles concerning you as well as link back to your site, as long as they develop web links normally. Packing the anchor text with business keyword phrases is far from normal and can bring you problems. 

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I think that for now it's good solid blog outreach for guest posting links as well as some bought links for anything else please. I do not see any case regarding that matter will be shown that it's not that effective. Those two are most powerfull. 

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According to my point of view, the following techniques are the best for link building are as follows:- 
Guest Blogging
Forum Posting
Social Media Advertising
Article Submission
Social Bookmarking
Classified Ads
Web 2.0 Article Submission
Blog Commenting, etc. 

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