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Greetings to Fellow Forum Members

Being a new member, I would like to extend my greetings in this first post.

My name is Kris Zelisko. I hold an admin position at the hyip monitoring site, http://ihyipmonitor.com. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet fellow investors like yourself. I also look forward to sharing great information about payment statements and about the programs I list for keeping private investors informed.

Remaining up to date with my news emails can be a great way for you get the latest news about what is trending and what's not. I have grown to have several subscribers and look forward to you being one of them. I am not in the business of spamming. The news you will receive from me will be to the point, useful and only about important topics. The news I email to you can also be found at my monitoring site. Posts on this site are updated regularly and can can help you stay informed and abreast of the latest news.

When it comes to information related to programs, I am opinionated and will not hold back what I think about them. You can count on my 9 years of experience in the field of monitoring. I have a lot of experience in determining program signs and what to do about them. The right timing and action is essential. I look forward to sharing my monitoring experience with you and hope it brings knowledge to new users.

Pleased to be here

Kris Zelisko

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