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Greetings From Peter!

Guest peterm

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Guest peterm

Hello Friends,

My Name is Peter. Am from India and lived in USA and Singapore for some years.

I am a very active trader in commodities and currencies.

I have started trading about 6 years back, but first two years I never made money. It was like 3 Weeks of making money and loosing them all in the 4th week. The biggest mistake I did was relying on only technical charts.

My trading is profitable since last two years. Infact I have earned more in the last two years then I have earned in my entire life. I trade with three sources of Information.

1. Technical Charts

2. Market News/Fundamentals

3. Planetary Movements

I take positions when all three or either 1 and 3 are showing same trend. I would thanks my success to one man, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for able to make by trades profitable.

Lastly but not the least, I am now enjoying a lot of free time and would love to spend some of that on this forums.

Wishing you all success,


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