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Best Seo Tool For Backlinks Check.


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Hello all members, I need immediate help to check backlinks that has been indexed in Google. My website is related to Hotel and travel in Asia. It ready and up for visitors.

I’ll highly appreciate all replies and help.
Thanks all.

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BacklinkWatch is one of the popular tools to check backlinks of your blog. But one thing which I don’t like about BacklinkWatch is it’s pop-ups of course we can close them with single click but pop-up ads always repeals me. BacklinkWatch provides you all details of backlinks of your blog.

Link Diagnosis provides you different options while checking backlinks for your blog like you need detailed report or optimized, you want to check backlink for single page or whole website, different kind of outputs and more. One thing you need to remember that Link Diagnosis works best with Firefox.

W3Tool Backlink Checker allows you to enter up to 10 blog URLs in one go. It provides you the number of backlinks your blog has got in Google, Yahoo, AltaVista and alltheweb. If you have a blog network and want to check backlinks of all blogs together then W3tool Backlink Checker is for you.

visit this ink to find out more information.
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