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Like to say hello to all the members in this group and looking forward to learning from all the great post and articles that l will have access too. My primary business is the company called Karatbars International you can review a short presentation on this company and how it handles all it's transaction with the gold industry.

The difference is the specialize in selling and storing your gold one gram at a time, making it affordable for the average investor. l also have a full time blog dedicated to the Gold Industry l have written many articles for Nick Barisheff CEO and President of Bullion Management Group Inc. out of Markham, Ontario. I have been with Karatbars now for over two years and have enjoyed the success it has provided me and my team.

I have been networking on the internet now for over 12 years have enjoyed meeting many new partners who have become personal friends, learning something new each day is something that has to be done, new concept, new ways to advertise, motivational material that helps create the correct mind set is vital for anyone's success on line or of line.

looking forward to be part of this active blog and learning all the benefits l can daily. Have a great day all the success to you all.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho

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