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2013 Scrapebox List-private Aa Lists - High Pr, Dofollow,edu&gov - 40% Discount


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Hi there. I'm Alaltaieri and I'm providing scrapebox auto approve lists for over 2 years.

You can find me on several other IM forums. This lists are made semi-automatic, using only scrapebox, few VPS
servers and a lot of private proxies.

I will update this topic with new releases, every time I launch a new list. Also, here is the place where you can buy my
latest AA lists:

Scrapebox Auto Approve Lists

Why don't I use a bot so I can offer daily lists, like other providers ?

Well, that's because I want to maintain quality for my lists. I harvest new domains every day and I ALWAYS compare the new auto approve links with the old ones. That means more fresh domains and less spammed links. You will not find links that I already sold in my previous lists(and trust me, I sold plenty of lists in 2 years).

After the Auto Approve list is ready, I check for
dofollow and High PR links. And are plenty of them every time.

Also, beside other providers that are offer 5 in 1 packs with other lists(wikis,xrumer,etc), I'm focusing in scrapebox only. Posting, saving, re-posting, checking etc

In this way I can offer you low
OBL fresh lists that can be used with great succes for tier 1, not only for indexing purposes.

How many lists do you launch every month ?

Usually I'm launching 2 private lists every month and some private lists for subscribers only.

Also I offer 4
0% discount for all my Auto Approve Lists for people who subscribe to my list.

How large are the lists ?

About 120k - 200k links from 4k-5k different domains for every list that I launch.

Succes Rate?

Buying my lists you will get about 80% success rate.


Price for a Auto Approve List is $49. Or $29 if you subscribe to my list(40% off)

How many global copies?

Limited copies to mantain quality. That means 20 copies for every regular list and 15 copies for private lists.


You can contact me with any question about scrapebox or about this package at: admin (at) scrapeboxautoapprovelists.com


Here is Authority Scrapebox Package #26
(launched on february 25)

You will get more unique domains(about 5.5k), more unique urls(about135k), over 1k High PR Links + edu bonus links.

This are 100% fresh harvested domains with with low Outbound Links

Here you go:

135.073 Auto Approve Urls from 5488 Unique Domains
1001 High PR AA Links
708 d0follow Only AA Urls
48 edu and 79 edu.xx Auto Approve Links

High PR Links Breakdown

PR5 X 6
PR4 X 9
PR3 X 98
PR2 X 186
PR1 X 702

Price for Authority Scrapebox Package#26 is $49

You can get it at only $29 if you subscribe to my list.

Or you can get it at regular price here:


First 20 buyers get the package.
If you get “Item no more available” when ordering that means ASP 26 is SOLD OUT

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Updated 7 march 2013

Here is Authority Private Package#27

This is a private list and will be sold to only 15 of my subscribers. If you didn't subscribed yet you can do it here.

That's what you will get:

118.136 Auto Approve Links from 4592 Unique Domains
2196 High PR Auto Approve Links (PR1-PR5)
2046 d0follow OnlyAA links
60 .edu AA Links +80 edu.xx AA Urls

High PRLinks Breakdown

PR5 X 3
PR4 X 110
PR3X 334
PR2X 583
PR1 X 1166

This is a private list and it will be available for 15 of my subscribers. Subscribing you will also get 40% discount.

You can subscribe on my site here: http://scrapeboxautoapprovelists.com/

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Update 22 April

I present you Authority Scrapebox Package #30

110.592 Auto Approve Urls from 5248 Fresh Unique Domains

3500 Dofollow Auto Approve Links

1558 High PR AA Links

55 Edu & 55 Gov Auto Approve Urls

High PR Links Breakdown

PR 5 X 2

PR 4 X 9

PR 3 X 109

PR 2 X 431

PR 1 X 1007

You can download the list here






Only 20 copies will be sold.



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Today I launched a fresh AA list.

Here is Authority SB Package #37

103.950 Auto Approve Links from 4963 Unique Domains
3532 d0follow Only AA Links
1635 High PR AA Links
56 .edu & edu.xx Auto Approve Links

High PR Backlinks Breakdown:

PR4 X 16
PR3 X 94
PR2 X 382
PR1 X1139

Price of Authority Scrapebox Package #37 is $49

You can get it however with 40% discount if you subscribe to my list.

If you don't want to subscribe you can just buy the list here:


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Scrapeboxlist.biz presents their latest auto approve blog list.

List was launched on 18 March 2014 and contains over 100.000 AA links

Get ready to blast:

Authority Scrapebox Package #56

100.630 Auto Approve Links from 7733 Unique Domains

1508 High PR Auto Approve Links

540 Dofollow Only Auto Approve Links

238 Edu AA & 6 Gov Auto Approve Urls

High PR Urls Breakdown

PR5 X 5

PR4 X 30

PR3 X 130

PR2 X 432

PR1 X 911

Regular price for Authority Scrapebox Package #56 is $49

But you can get it with 40% discount. You just need to subscribe to my email list on my site.

Q: How do I know if this is a good list?

A: I'm building scrapebox lists since 2011. You can check out my site and check and see the reviews from BHW and other forums.

Reviews from clients on BHW forum(click for details)





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