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Sup Guys New Employer Here Looking To Hire For Ebay Position

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Sup guys new employer here Looking to hire for ebay position. :biggrin:

Looking for FULL time ebay employe position. Must have past ebay basic selling experience.
Pay is: $6.50 per account run(max per day 15) i will allow up to $100 per day.


-Must know how to post on ebay (you dont need accounts or anything just a reliable PC)

-Have to be in the US or Canada & Must be able to talk to me via Cellphone for trust and knowing your in the US.

-Must have *pre paid cellphone 3g or 4g with tethering(i can help you tether if your cellphone doest let you)

*No T-mobile,Clear,Wimax Services* PM on why you cant.

-Must be able to post items withing giving timeframe, US Daytime.

-You will be posting items that are drop shipped to customers, YOU WILL
BE DEALING with ONLY ebay postings, which means you DONT deal with
paypal or any other anything else all customer q's will be sent to me
and you will respond back with my response. This is pretty much all you
do by running each account and pay for each account run by you is $6.50
*Note* account must be selling to be paid*

-You will learn all the secrets to ebay with me by doing this aswell.

thumbsup.gif PM me or send me a msg @dizzieron@yahoo.com

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