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What a wonderful forum! I''m sure I'll be spending many hours reading and learning some wonderful things here. I'm trying to help everyone because of our bad economy by starting a public information site. I've put together information on how to get a free cell phone, a free auto, how to get free housing or a free home, free education, free medical and how to come up with emergency cash. I started helping my family and friends and had one family member that mentioned that I should tell others about it. Again, this is all free to help people out during the bad recession we are in.

I'm also interested in learning about other ideas on how to get ahead in life since things don't look as though they will be getting any better anytime soon. I would also enjoy making friends and giving as well as getting advice from people so we can all help each other. I love this web site and am sure many have gained so much about it. Looking forward to making some great friends here. If you have any questions, please let me know.


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