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Hello everyone!! My name is Briella & i'm new to the site. I am a teenage girl just trying really hard to make some money! This fall I will be entering my first year of highschool! I'm really excited for it & i've already started preparing myself.. haha (: About 3 weeks ago I joined an online survey site called Cashcrate! So far I have made $10.86, I'm using this site to make some money to get things I want for my freshman year such as UGG Australia boots, a Northface denali jacket, & Nike athletic shoes. Without this site I truthfully wont be able to make enough $$ for what I want.. /: I've decided that I wanted to become a little more fashionable, I've always had a passion for fashion & beauty so now I truly want to enforce it. I know your probably thinking "this girl is crazy trying to make money for clothes!" but this honestly is a big deal to me.




If you could PLEASE do me a huge favor & help me out i would GREATLY appreciate that!!




Just sign up using the link below and complete an offer or two if you could! So for example: If you make $8.00, because I referred you I will also make 20% of what you get so i'll get $1.60 .. honestly anything could help! If you do sign up with my referral code send me an email or comment so I can give you a BIG thankyou <3 Not only do I benefit from this, but you do also!! This site is 100% legit. You can really make some extra cash off of it! If you need some assurance let me know(: I hope to find some really generous people on here that will really help to make my welcome & freshman year AMAZING !! I really look forward to using this site! xoxo, Briella <3






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