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Scrapebox Auto Approve Backlinks Pack – 2013


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ScrapeBox Auto Approve Backlinks Pack – 2013


Hello , First of all I’d like to wish you a great and prosperous 2013. I’m back from my holidays and worked on a fresh seo package so take a crack at the competition with our quality products.


Save yourself the time and frustration to findout good places to blast your backlinks and start climbing to the top of Google. ScrapeBrokers presents the newest high authority
all in one link building package
for use with Scrapebox.


Each list contained in this package is tested multiple times before release. The lists are run through blog analyzer and live check at least three times each, removing 404′d links, unknown platforms and timed out links. By following these strict quality control guidelines, it insures you are receiving the highest quality and longest lasting lists.


So Sit back and watch as you take down your competition with ease and start earning big from your #1 Google spot.





2013 Auto Approve Pack Benefits


  • 75% – 99% Live Rate - Expect high backlinks styking rate
  • Unique Scraped – We take strong security measures to prevent leachers.
  • Panda and Pinguin Safe – We added generic keywords and measures to be safe
  • Private Lists – We sell max 40 copies of this list and then close the doors
  • Bad Words Filter – No Adult, Casino, Poker, Malware websites
  • High Compatibility – Use the lists with your favorite seo software
  • Fast Support – Contact us through Skype, Forum or email
  • Private Coaching – Join our forum with most successful SEO Marketers
  • 24/7 Access – Login and download updated lists even if is 4AM


Exactly what’s in the package

Auto-Approve Lists

Do you know that public, free auto approve lists and cheap fiverr blasts only hurt your website rankings ?! Our auto approve packs are freshly harvested from Google and this means Low OBL. Also included you will find thousands of Do-Follow and .EDU/.GOV links ready to send your website to the top of Google. Each auto approve list is designed specifically for use with Scrapebox fast poster and other blog commenting software like GSA SER and comes with detailed instructions on how to maximize the potential of your purchase.

  • 134322 (134K) Unique Auto-Approve URL’s
  • 5010 Unique Auto-Approve Domains
  • 3800 High PR (1-7) Auto Approve urls on 728 domains
  • 9051 Unique Auto-Approve DoFollow URL’s on 326 domains
  • 1248 DoFollow and High PR urls perfectly to increase your Page Rank
  • 1339 EDU Unique Auto Approve url on 65 edu domains


Auto Approve – Trackbacks

Trackbacks are a great new way to get your backlink on many sites that are not open to regular blog comments. These blogs have many pages with extremely low OBL and high pagerank. These lists are all compatible with Scrapebox Trackbacks poster and other trackbacks sending software like GSA SER.

  • 53104 Auto Approve Trackback URL’s on 4541 Unique Domains
  • 4906 High Pr Auto Approve Trackbacks
  • 420 Edu Auto Approve Trackback URL’s
  • 4286 DoFollow Auto Apprive Trackback URL’s on 240 DO-FOLLOW Domains


SEO Lists

Many of you own other seo tools between ScrapeBox. Use this lists to get great high authority backlinks. Or you can do it manually.

  • 85 WordPress Article Directory sites
  • 42 Press Release sites
  • 82 Bookmarking sites
  • 39 Web 2.0 auto approve URLs
  • 720 Wiki Auto Approve URLs
  • 31 RSS Directories
  • 249 Manually High PR Seo URLs


DoFollow High PR List

These manually commenting dofollow high pr blog pages will improve SERP and Keep Your ranking top in Google. All blog pages are from different domains and all Pages are auto approved. So you will get a high pr dofollow PR1 PR 7 backlink instantly. All Pages are already Indexed Well in Search Engines and have lOW Out Bound links rate. 175+ DoFollow High PR Low OBL Pack (hot)

Slow Poster List

SlowPoster lists are very powerful low obl urls. Many websites/blogs use an image captcha to moderate their comments so using these lists will guarantee you a large amount of low OBL. You can use CaptchaSniper or paid decaptcher service to comment on this posts. Or you can do it manually.

  • 3906 Slow Poster Auto Approve URL’s
  • 949 Unique Slow Poster AA Domains
  • 268 Slow Poster Do-Follow URLs
  • 300 .EDU links on 34 .EDU Domains


ScrapeBox Guides

I’ve included in this package two guides I’ve personally written for all my customers so you can get better understanding on how to configure ScrapeBox for maximum success. There are very interesting information there included 2 great step by step strategies on how you can get in first results top in Google for your keywords using auto approve backlinks blastings. This 50 pages guides should be read by any scrapebox user that wants to get great rankings and learn new tips and tricks for ScrapeBox.

Seo Tools

Inside the package there is a nice collection of little tools that do specific tasks without having them will consume you many many hours. Just to give you several examples: Do Follow Link Checker, Platform Checker, Link Checker, Ultimate Comment Scrapper etc. As our customer you can use them free of charge.



  • Bonus #0 – Names and 75000 Unique Emails list to use for comments
  • Bonus #1 – Unique generic keywords – post pinguin update
  • Bonus #2 – Unique Spintax Comment List
  • Bonus #3 – Excerpts file to use for Trackbacks posting
  • Bonus #4 – Settings file to get over 80% success backlinks rate
  • Bonus #5 – Additional Auto Approve Lists
  • Bonus #6 – Huge 20% discounts on our future products including High PR List, SEO Pack and AA Club
  • Bonus #7Private Forum Access to discuss latest blackhat seo techniques
  • Bonus #8 – Comments unique for each niche not old general comments spammed to death




You will get about 75-95% success backlinks found rate if you will use our recommended settings. This are actually FOUND entries, not just success posts.

Several High PR sites




  • 1 urls x PR 7
  • 3 urls x PR 6
  • 18 urls x PR 5
  • 222 urls x PR 4
  • 824 urls x PR 3
  • 2342 urls x PR 2
  • 4165 urls x PR 1
  • 11391 urls x PR 0


Please note this are not domains PR but actual url page rank (PR). This way you will receive more link juice to your website. Most of the URLs are Word Press. There are also Blog Engine, MovableType and other urls. BE blogs are generally dofollow.

Real Testimonials from customers









Order now 2013 ScrapeBox Auto Approve Backlinks Pack







No waiting.Instant Download after purchase. When the package is sold out we will send to all customers an update list with fresh lists.

We switched our lists delivery platform to GETDPD. They have a great security and more features for both vendors and buyers. (new)

List released: January 11 2013

I can’t think of a reason for not ordering today and get auto approve High PR up to 7 backlinks right to your websites.

This sale is open on numerous marketing forums and the orders are instantly processed. Don’t get left out. while the counter hit 50 sales we close the sale in order to protect the list of being overused. After ordering 2013 ScrapeBox Auto Approve Backlinks Pack you will receive instantly on your email address the download link for the package with over 220000 (220K) fresh auto approve blog urls and over 300000(300K) moderated and slow poster urls. PageRank of this blogs urls are up to 7. In the package you will also find comments by niche, tutorials, tools, proxy sources and future discounts on our products. Each list is built to provide you the best in Google Ranking busting quality.

If you are looking for fresh auto approve lists tested every days, scrapebox goodies, fresh proxies then you should check our Daily Updated Lists Package. october_found_rundown1.jpg

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Of course these are unique urls from all the latest Auto Approve lists we sold.All of these work in Scrapebox Fast Poster, however this list could be used with any blog commenter that will comment to those platforms. Once this pack is sold out, you will receive an additional supplement Auto Approve EDU list to make up for any dead/404′d links that build up over the month.



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