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Guest leegrande1

an associate of mine signed up to Banner Broker 8 months ago to gain traffic to his website he bought the autoship and invested 700$ 6 months later he logged in as he thought he would stop the programme as he didnt feel he was getting enough traffic. When he logged in he found that he had earned 1500$ for doing nothing then we all started to look at this more closely and discovered many functions like traffic packs and traffic booster and simply once a month logging in and activating the package on the right day to qualify for the next month.

payout and investment

Yellow panel Costs 10$ and you Earn 20$ I have now 21 yellow panels and receive 210$ Cash and 210$ Credits every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks

Purple Panels cost 30$ and you Earn 60$ i now have 8 purple Panels and recieve 240$ Cash and 240$ Credits every 5 to 6 weeks

Blue Panels cost 90$ and you Earn 180$ I now have 2 Blue Panels and will be getting my 1st payout in 1 week on these as it takes 10 to 12 weeks to hit target

Green costs 270$ and bring you in 540$

Red costs 810$ and brings you in 1620$

Black costs 2430$ and pays 4830$ and takes 6 to 10 months to mature

you need to hit the set amount of visits to the panels to be paid out so you can buy traffic packs and generate your own artificial traffic also get traffic bosters of 20% faster

to buy 100,000 visits it costs you 50$ so that does 20 yellow panels excluding traffic generated on its own easiest way is using facebook or banners on your website

so far to date i started out on blue package cost me 145$ and 50$ traffic pack

i had 1 yellow panel, 1 Purple Panel and 1 Blue

I have had 3 payment on my yellow panels 1 payment on my purple and when my blue panel pays next week i Will also have at the same time my yellows for a 4th time and purple for 2nd time so in total 200£ and this payment cycle will give me 1200$

so 200$ investment and 12 weeks later I am very happy and i only have to activate panels once a month and make sure there is traffic packs

I have also found out there have referal system that you get 50% of your introduced person Visits matching so if they get 5000 they match it with 2500 visits so this means if you have a big referal downline you dont even have to buy boosters or traffic packs

the person who explained the system started out with 500$ package 2 years ago and is now on 10,000$ a week in come.

my next goal is to purchase green panels which allows me to purchase more yellow Panels

You also can only register on the website by referal

my skype is le-grande1 if you have any qeustions but so far this traffic programme is the best and i do not see it even listed on this website yet its been going 2 years or more already

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