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Hi I am looking for ideas and to work with like minded people just learning to make a few bucks. I am hoping to find others in the same frame of mind. Things I have tried are Surveys, Affiliate marketing,MLM's

Mostly I have been already sucked in by most scams so if you still insist on trying expect rude results!

Places that I do not go are like Wealthy Affiliate , Warrior forum, Affilorama, MLM,s and any bunch of %$%$#$## like that.

I have a friend just hitting her first $1000. per month selling online more like whole sale.

I would and will but it is harder to sell here because the shipping costs to much and the local market is small.

I am not a writer but I have tried that a bit and still learning English grammar.

I am bilingual but mostly I speak red-neck, Don't aks.

I have about ten active websites, a you-tube channel with 10 or more videos,I have a couple twitter accounts with 20.000 followers,I have made a face book page,I also have a pininterest account with 5 boards.

I am fooling with social traffic but it converts so poorly it has not paid at all.

On the plus side I am too dumb to quit and already have seen a lot of success offline.

I am not here to sell anything

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Heya again Mack. It seems you worked pretty hard to build your online empire and trust me ten websites is a good start. You need to focus on SEO to bring a lot of traffic on that websites and start making good money online.

Before anything else you should wait few minutes and think on things you really want to do online. Personally I would never create an website about acnee or selling furniture online even if it pays very well. I preffer to expand my network related to online money making. That's because I can be really focused on working on things that I really enjoy. I agree money can be a really good motivator but on the long run only passion can keep you focused.

So.what are you passions Mack ?

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