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Application letter of the parents

When you hear about someone's illness, in private, you hope that the trouble will avoid you and your relatives. Alas, fate was not kind to our family. It suddenly hit someone, who has not even had time to understand life, our son.

The christen-name, we made meaningfully, because the child was long-awaited, and, of course we predicted him a bright and happy future. Say more, and now we are sure of it, in spite of the terrible diagnosis of doctors to Yaroslav.

Left adrenal neuroblastoma with para-aortic lymph nodes lesions, multiple lesions of bones, N-myc amplification, 1r36 - positive ... It is difficult to express in words the horror, which we experienced after learning about all this.

From the date of diagnosis, our little son was carefully examined in the Cancer Center, was conducted an operation on tumor elimination, followed by six courses of chemotherapy and transplantation of bone marrow stem cells. But fate is still unrelenting. Short remission was replaced by redevelopment of tumor. After the first surgery was the second one. However, as the next chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, our medicine is unable to overcome this disease, because the tumor affected the skeletal system. And we can not see all hardships of our little son, and therefore are looking for funds to conduct an extra examination and treatment in Germany. This is the only chance for Yaroslavushka to survive.

It is a vast sum of money, even for wealthy people, which we are not. And so we can do nothing except relying only on the compassion and generosity of everyone who knows our history. Our child is weakening day by day, but he is one head elder than his coevals, because he understands that he must fight for every moment of his life.

We do not just ask, we entreat – offer us a helping hand! Support our young and very friendly family, do not let us lose the only chance to save our little son! Each of your Every dollar may play a decisive part in the struggle for life of Yaroslavushka!

Sincerely Yours,Natalia and Vasilij Javorskie

In his two years small Yaroslav has experienced much. The child has the most insidious form of cancer - left adrenal neuroblastoma with para-aortic lymph nodes lesions, multiple lesions of bones, N-myc positive and a lot of obscure medical terms. Insidious, because very often children get in the hospital only at the III or IV stages. This disease affects only children, the most dangerous age - up to 5 years. But about namely this horrible disease is said: "Childhood Cancer is curable!"

In the case of Yaroslav, unfortunately, short remission was replaced by redevelopment of tumor. At this time doctors had predicted two variants of the situation development. The first - the child recovers from next chemotherapy, and he will need only a special course of MIBG therapy. The second - the bone marrow of the boy will have to be transplanted, with all attendant procedures and preparations for surgery. A visit to a German hospital is necessary in both cases, which means a corresponding amount to pay for treatment. The only difference is that in the first case – it is $30k, in the second case –it is $50k. The miracle did not happen and at this time – it is necessary to transplant the marrow bone….

Friends, Yaroslav's life and his chance of recovery are in our hands. We ask everyone very much, who reads these lines, not to remain indifferent to the fate of the boy and to help him to win the disease.

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