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How To Submit Your Content To Article Sites


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Submitting articles can be a great SEO tactic if it is done correctly. A successful article submission campaign can lead to you getting you lots of quality links and high rankings on Google. This tutorial will provide detailed information on how to get the most out of article directories for SEO and which article sites you should use.

Keep your best work

Don't post your very best content to article directories, publish the best stuff on your own site in a blog or articles category and publish all of your OK articles on article directories.

1 article per directory

Don't publish any of your articles in more than 1 place. This rule will help you on so many different levels with SEO. If someone re-publishes your article then that's fine, but don't go out of your way to get an article published twice, only one copy will rank in the search engines and pass link juice to your site.

Add keyword text links to your signature

Make sure the article directory you are submitting to provides dofollow links, and add a keyword text link or two to your author signature. Generally speaking you should not add links to your own site in the main content area - Ezine Articles and quite a few others add the nofollow tag to these links so they won't pass search engine value there, plus your article will probably come off as being less professional because you will have plugged yourself. The only time this is OK is if you are linking to something that genuinely ads value to your article.

Don't over do it

If you are trying to optimise a regular site for the search engines then 1 article submission per month is more then enough. If you have a huge holiday website or something with lots of categories to rank, then maybe do one a week. Any more time then that spent on it will be wasted, spend your time figuring out how to linkbait instead.

Submit to quality directories

Use the very best article directories that you can get published at and never submit more than 2 articles to each one, once you have a couple of links from an article directory don't use it again, find new ones because the links will count more. Here are links to my top 4 general article directories to get you started, the current Google PageRank score is listed next to each one:

Eu Articles

Submit to niche directories

You should also search for article directories in your niche, there are some amazing ones for online marketing and SEO such as WebProNews and Sitepoint to name a couple. The best way to find article directories in your niche is to search on Google, for example if you want to find a place to post a search engine optimisation article then go to Google and search for SEO articles or SEO article directory, the ones that come up highest are usually the best ones to get published at.


Follow this guide, start submitting your work and you are on your way towards great Google rankings.

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