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Hello to everyone

Guest leoson

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Hi everyone,

First, I would like to thank the persons behind this money makers forum sites, I happy for your intentions of helping other people to make money. :thumbup:

Second i want to share my realization about working for someone/money:

"You work for others, you earn" :thumbup:

"Why not make money work for you, you earn and help other people" :thumbsup: much better right?

I also want to learn things about money making, as the saying goes "if you want to be like them, follow them, ask them and learn from them"

Fellow money makers, lets help one another ARRIBA!!!

First question: how can I put my signature in a post?

Thanks a lot guys :thumbsup:

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First of all leoson,

WELCOME to our Forum

At the top of the front page is the 'Help & Tutorials' catagory...

Go there and it will explain how to work your Signature, and lots more...

skylady :)

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