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Introducing Myself


Hi,I am Eliot Green,the admin of talkgoldhyip.com .We are a professional team for researching HYIP site, advertising HYIP site,monitoring HYIP site,voting HYIP site,discuss HYIP site,and posting payment proof in many HYIP forums.So if you interested in investing,and you are admin of HYIP site,You can get some information you want,Because we collect and update the HYIP information every day.We will ensure that we provide the information are accurate.As a list,We try to remain impartial.

Why we do HYIP list?

HYIP means High Yield Investment Program,Many people think that a HYIP is a Ponzi scheme,I think so,and agree with them.Because I and my team members are experienced investors in the HYIP field more then 10 years,we lost a lot of money in the early.But we persevered,We constantly sum up experience and lessons.So now we almost invincible.In the past 10 years,We won more than one million dollars.In order to better share our achievements,our own HYIP list on-line.


We will always remain impartial,Our information is the most accurate,We treat investors are treated equally,Whether you are a beginner or you are a senior,Whether you are which country, or which race,We will patiently answer your questions.So now,with us to make money!


I am very happy to join in Topgoldforum forum,I hope we can become friends,and discuss any issue of interest.2012 is not the end but a beginning for me,hope that we make more money this year.

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