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Greetings From The Island

Guest CebuMarketing

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Guest CebuMarketing

He boardies...

Iam a german male and still living in Cebu/Philippines. And yes, its a paradise (except the worse DSL connections, hehe)

Iam running with SEO & SEM sinc more than 12 years, starting with the BTX area and the good old 300 baud phone modem, puuuh...

And for sure, my SEO is a ethical, data- and browserfriendly work, unfortunately, Google sees it quite differently ...

So for myself, I really love diving, Vmax driving and lifestyle.

Here in this board I hope to find some more informations about marketing and online behaviors to make my job more easy and my wallet more full...

So I hope for a bunch of nice communications and change of informations...

And please excuse my english, I dont habe that much time to improve it

See you online and kind regards from Cebu


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