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* Facebook Fans, friends, likes

* Twitter followers

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* Google plus ones

* Directory submission , web traffic and more


Traffic is the bloodline of any business, be it online or off-line. The product or service you are offering may be incredible, but unless people know about you, you will not be able to generate any revenue at all.

The equation is simple: More Leads = More sales!

Not all leads will convert into sales, but if potential clients are aware of your presence, one day, they will buy from you. It's the equivalent of an advertisement on print media or Television. You don't rush to buy soap when you see an ad. But when you do need soap, you may remember the ad and buy the soap that was advertised.

Gurus and experts advocate using FREE traffic. Maybe, you have tried some of it yourself. But chances are these free resources have not worked for you!


Viral marketing studies have concluded that Facebook Fan pages are the most effective and economical resources to get targeted followers that can easily be converted into potential customers. Currently, all Forbes 500 firms, all multinationals, and the majority of small-niche marketers are using Facebook to promote their businesses.

Facebook ranks No#2 on Alexa and is set to move ahead of Google in the near future.

The greatest advantage of Facebook is that it has a viral effect and offers the ability to bring in massive traffic at a much lesser cost!


Social media marketing is the future for internet marketers today, and Twitter is a crucial component in the whole process.

In the business realm, Twitter is much more than exchanging comments on what you are doing at the moment' with your family and friends. It is a powerful medium so you can let your followers know you better, and nurture close relationships. This process will help you build trust in order for them to buy from you blind-folded.

Twitter creates awareness about your business

The intended goal would only be achievable if you use the medium correctly!

If you don't know the key essentials of getting Twitter followers, all the money you spend on marketing your products on Twitter will go down the drain. There is no point in putting up an advertisement if you do not have a huge Twitter following. Also, if your followers are not interested in your niche, then again, there would be no point in having them follow you.


One of the primary reasons why your website does not appear in the top rankings of the major search engines is that the latter do not feel your website is interesting enough. Since you don't have a high page rank, your customers will not be able to find you!!!

Major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN love links. When your website has one-way links from several websites, these search engines will index your web pages and rank you higher. This can be effectively achieved by manual submissions to SEO-friendly web directories.

With manual submission to SEO-friendly web directories, you get an edge over your competitors and can earn more revenue.

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With its many marketing platforms and features, Facebook has proven itself to be powerful and flexible for any type of businesses. If it’s still not part of your online marketing campaign, it’s best that you start now and experiment on how the social networking giant can help you reach your business goals.

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