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Invest In Gold

Guest rāmo

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This is probably the best investment option.

Gold will never lose its value, unlike the dollar.

The dollar has lost 90% of its value in the past century.




The way I see it, we are headed to another great depression along with WWIII!



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I agree ramo, Gold & Silver are the best investments for having needed funds when the dollar completely collapses...

Private Gold & Silver is my choice, as no Country has control over it...

skylady :smile:

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Guest Frankcute

I'm looking for a solid investment program where I can establish a monthly investment program for small business. This is the time to systematically start putting in on these deals - that might contiue for some time. Now, I'm not talking large sums. I'm looking for systematic monthly contributions that will eventually add up to something sizeable.

Removal of RipOff Reports

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Guest jack2012

great topic, actuallly i was participating on a conversation about this in another forum this days... we were debating about how much is valuable to invest in gold. And as you all said it is a lot.

The gold is timeless, his value is never lost and more than that is something that sometime somehow will get to an end, what makes it even more valuable.

You just have to be carefull becase sometimes the price can be too high, so before buying or selling be aware about the market movimentations!

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Guest goldonline

Gold has four flaws, however. First, it’s been a so-so investment over the past 30 years, compared with stocks and a broad measure of commodities. Second, its price can be highly volatile. No one confused goldwith a safe harbor when it fell from $800 in early 1980 to about $300 two years later. At any price over, say, $850 an ounce, you have to wonder how much easy money is left. Third, gold offers no stream of income—it’s pure speculation. Fourth, fears about the financial system seem to be abating, so it may be late to buy gold as a panic hedge.

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