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  1. Content mapping is a strategic approach to creating helpful, relevant, informative, and timely content for your intended audience. In other words, it’s a process focused on delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time, and in a way that matches the reader’s intent. Content mapping can be helpful in identifying gaps and opportunities in your content strategy.
  2. Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore: 1. Backlinks 2. Freshness 3. Topical authority 4. Search intent 5. Content depth 6. Page speed 7. HTTPS 8. Mobile-friendliness 9. User experience
  3. In online marketing, the search volume, which is a measure of the amount of traffic your website can expect for a particular ranking position in the search results, can help you determine the best priorities for search engine optimization and content optimization. The search volume indicates the number of search queries for a specific search term in a search engine such as Google within a given timeframe. The number of search queries is estimated and can be subject to seasonal, regional and thematic fluctuations.
  4. Elements of Marketing Communication: 1. Advertising 2. Sales Promotion: 3. Events and Experiences 4. Public Relations and Publicity 5. Direct Marketing 6. Interactive Marketing 7. Word-of- Mouth Marketing 8. Personal Selling
  5. What’s the Difference between Google SMITH and BERT?
  6. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a simple and surprisingly effective method to get actionable customer feedback. This customer feedback can in turn drive your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and deliver more focused traffic to your website. The main method to get information on your website visitors is Google Analytics.
  7. Steps to perform SEO Crosslinking Step 1: Choose Long Tail Keywords Step 2: Create An Offer Around That Keyword Step 3: Create a Lead Capture Form Step 4: Link the “Most Viewed Pages” on your Website to your Offer Page Step 5: Use Keywords in the Hyperlinks Step 6: Putting it into action
  8. SEO crosslinks are simply links to other pages on your website, linking relevant keywords to related content. These links help build up the authority of pages on your website and allow viewers to more easily access related content, thus keeping them on your website longer while they view multiple pages.
  9. Keyword mapping is the process of assigning or mapping keywords to specific pages on a website based on keyword research. Based on your mapping process you are able to then make specific on page SEO recommendations to help make the page more relevant to the mapped keywords.
  10. Top SERP checker & tracker tools: 1. Zutrix 2. Ahrefs 3. Whatsmyserp 4. SpySERP 5. AccuRanker 6. SerpWatch
  11. What effects does the Knowledge Graph have on SEO?
  12. A robots.txt file is a set of instructions for bots. This file is included in the source files of most websites. Robots.txt files are mostly intended for managing the activities of good bots like web crawlers, since bad bots aren't likely to follow the instructions.
  13. Google Sitelinks are little sub-listings that appear under the first result in the search result. Usually when searching for brands. They help users navigate to relevant information on a website quickly. The different types of sitelinks: 1. Paid sitelinks 2. Organic sitelinks 3. Organic one-line sitelinks 4. Organic sitelinks search box
  14. Zero click searches are queries in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yandex that do not send you to a third-party website from an organic search result. Around 50 percent of searches currently end without a click on an organic search result. Everything you need to know about zero click searches can be found here in the Search metrics Glossary.
  15. How to Remove Referral Spam in Your Google Analytics ?
  16. Content Gap Analysis is a process that evaluates an existing content topic and determines if there are any gaps, or missed opportunities, that could be improved.
  17. Rendering is interpreting the HTML, CSS, and java script on the page to build the visual representation of exactly what you see in your web browser. A web browser renders code into a web page. The rendering of HTML code takes computer processing power. If your pages rely on java script to render the page’s content, it takes an enormous amount of processing. While Google can crawl and render java script pages, the JS rendering will go to a prioritization queue.
  18. An incoming link (also referred to as a back link) is a hyperlink on a third-party web page that points to a web page on your site. Back-links are important for SEO because Google and other search engines see multiple, relevant back-links to a page as a sign that the content on that page is useful.
  19. Lead generation, the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline, allows companies to nurture targets until they're ready to buy. Lead generation can be useful for any type or size of business, and for both B2C and B2B spaces.
  20. Benefits of B2B Marketing Automation 1. Identify More Sales Opportunities 2. Convert More Leads by Nurturing Them on Autopilot 3. Create a Better End-to-End Customer Experience. 4. Increase Customer Lifetime Value 5. Reduce Customer Churn 6. Make Marketing More Accountable 7. Improving Marketing Return On Investment (ROI)Industry Blogs
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