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Found 17 results

  1. Benefits of Directory submission: 1. Directory submission used to increase back links of website. 2. It uses Anchor texts for hyperlinks to our website link reputation or popularity. 3. Directory submission helps in permanent listing in another websites. 4. Guarantees in impressive search engine indexing. 5. Niche Directory Website listing helps to get significant back links.
  2. Best guest posting sites: 1. Copyblogger 2. CMO 3. Social Media Examiner 4. Business Insider 5. Design Milk 6. Inc.com 7. Smashing Magazine 8. TechCrunch 9. MarketingProfs 10. PandaDoc
  3. Blogger outreach is the process of strategically communicating and building relationships with industry influencers and publishers to achieve a specific goal, including: Content marketing and SEO :landing guest posting opportunities, promoting new content, and earning new backlinks.
  4. Major Benefits of Guest Blogging: 1. Improves Your Authority in the Industry 2. Builds Your Backlinks 3. Increases Organic Traffic 4. Makes People Aware of Your Brand 5. Getting High-Quality Traffic 6. Offers Constructive Community Feedback 7. Offers Network Expansion 8. Enhances Your Own Reputation 9. Expands a Portfolio of Work 10. Improves Credibility 11. Possible Brand Mentions in Social Media 12. Drives Sharing on Social Media 13. Impacts Social Media Growth 14. Expanding Your Subscriber Base 15. Impacts Online Influence 16. Improves Your Writing Skills 17. Helps Fine-Tune Skills in Marketing
  5. PPT submission can help your website get inbound traffic through backlinks, and is a good way to improve the page rankings. Fresh and quality contents when submitted through PPT can in the long run make others share your submission in their blogs and websites, which can help to bring quality inbound links.
  6. A backlink checker can help you monitor your backlink profile so you are immediately notified should any poor-quality sites link to you. It also provides understanding of potential link building opportunities so that you can gain more positive inbound links that will benefit your site.
  7. RSS feed submission refers to the submission of RSS feeds to RSS submission directory sites to boost your search engine ranking. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and sometimes also for Really Simple Syndication. The RSS feed contains updates of your website, i.e. updated content, videos, images, links, etc.
  8. Types of Infographics: 1. Statistical infographics 2. Informational infographics 3. Timeline infographics 4. Process infographics 5. Geographic infographics 6. Comparison infographics 7. Hierarchical infographics 8. List infographics 9. Resume infographics
  9. Best infographic creations tools: 1. Canva 2. Venngage 3. Piktochart 4. easel.ly 5. Visme 6. Infogram 7. Vizualize.me 8. Snappa
  10. What is the difference between Article Submission and Press Release Submission?
  11. Benefits of Online Business Directories: 1. Amplify Your Online Presence 2. Improve Your Local Visibility 3. Get Discovered More 4. Use Word of Mouth 5. Strengthen Your Business Reputation 6. Increase Brand Awareness 7. Boost Your SEO 8. Show Up on Google
  12. Backlink acquisition is the process of getting other websites to link back to yours with the goal of improving visibility and discoverability in search engines.
  13. The best infographic making tools: 1. Canva 2. Venngage 3. Piktochart 4. easel.ly 5. Visme 6. Infogram 7. Vizualize.me 8. Snappa
  14. File sharing is the practice of sharing or offering access to digital information or resources, including documents, multimedia (audio/video), graphics, computer programs, images and e-books. It is the private or public distribution of data or resources in a network with different levels of sharing privileges. File sharing can be done using several methods. The most common techniques for file storage, distribution and transmission include the following: 1. Removable storage devices 2. Centralized file hosting server installations on networks 3. World Wide Web-oriented hyperlinked documents 4. Distributed peer-to-peer networks
  15. How many types of Directory Submission can be done ?
  16. Article Submission refers to an off-page SEO technique in which you write an article and publish it on the third-party website. Benefits: 1. Free Advertising 2. Boost your personal and business credibility 3. Get traffic to your website 4. Large exposure to millions of visitors 5. Generate sales and leads without having a website
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