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Found 6 results

  1. Google Shopping is an online service created so that internet users can search for products and compare the prices offered by different merchants. This service is meant to provide an on-the-spot shopping experience without having to browse through multiple sites. Google Shopping is free of charge and available in more than 120 countries worldwide.
  2. The Marketing Communication or Marcom refers to the means adopted by the companies to convey messages about the products and the brands they sell, either directly or indirectly to the customers with the intention to persuade them to purchase.
  3. Brand monitoring is the process of tracking different channels to identify where your brand is mentioned. Knowing where and how people are talking about your brand will help you better understand how people perceive it, and lets you collect valuable feedback from your audience. You can also keep an eye on potential crises and respond to questions or criticism before they get out of control.
  4. What are the pros and cons of A/B Testing?
  5. Marketing Automation Features: 1. Lead nurturing: This is the process of sending a series of automated emails to engage the prospects by offering relevant information. 2. Personalized email marketing: Email personalization helps businesses to develop better relationships with their customers. 3. Campaign management: Companies can run email campaigns to nurture leads along the sales cycle. It enables teams to send direct and personalized emails to a large number of people. 4. CRM integration: This allows businesses to transfer lead information between marketing and sales.
  6. What’s is the importance of social networking in SEO ?
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