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Found 18 results

  1. On client and server, the following storages are available: local storage, session storage, and cookies. The Local Storage is designed for storage that spans multiple windows and lasts beyond the current session. In particular, Web applications may wish to store megabytes of user data, such as entire user-authored documents or a user's mailbox, on the client side for performance reasons. Cookies do not handle this case well because they are transmitted with every request. Local Storage is available for every page and remains even when the web browser is closed, but you cannot read it on the server. The stored data has no expiration date in local storage. With cookies, you can set the expiration duration. If you want to clear local storage, then do it by clearing the browser cache. You can also use JavaScript for this. Local Storage is for client side, whereas cookies are for the client as well as server side.
  2. Full Stack Developer skills to know are: 1) Front-end technology 2) Development Languages 3) Database and cache 4) Basic design ability 5) Server 6) Version control system (VCS) 7) Working with API (REST & SOAP)
  3. Types of Shells 1. Bourne Shell - This is the default shell for version 7 Unix. The character $ is the default prompt for the bourne shell. The different subcategories in this shell are Korn shell, Bourne Again shell, POSIX shell etc. 2. C Shell - This is a Unix shell and a command processor that is run in a text window. The character % is the default prompt for the C shell. File commands can also be read easily by the C shell, which is known as a script.
  4. A shell script is small computer program that is designed to be run or executed by the Unix shell, which is a command-line interpreter. A shell script is basically a set of commands that the shell in a Unix-based operating system follows. Like actual programs, the commands in the shell script can contain parameters and subcommands that tell the shell what to do. The shell script is usually contained in a simple text file.
  5. Ways to Remove Trojan Horse Malware From Windows 10 1. Run Microsoft Defender 2. Run System Restore 3. Run an Anti-Trojan Software 4. Reset Windows 10
  6. A solid-state drive (SSD) is a new generation of storage device used in computers. SSDs use flash-based memory, which is much faster than a traditional mechanical hard disk. Upgrading to an SSD is one of the best ways to speed up your computer. Learn how SSDs work and how to keep them optimized with a specialized performance-boosting tool.
  7. How to fix soft 404 errors?
  8. Top Best Node.js Frameworks: 1. Express.js- Express for Everyone 2. Koa.js- Next Generation Node.js Framework 3. Meteor.js- One Application, One Language 4. Socket.io- Chat Apps Made Easy with Socket.io 5. Nest.js- A Nestling of Code 6. Sails.js- Modernized Data-Oriented MVC Framework 7. Total.js- A Complete Framework 8. Hapi.js- Secure than Ever 9. Feather.js- F for Flexible 10. Loopback.js- Better Connectivity 11. Adonis.js-The Dependable Framework 12. Derby.js-The Racer
  9. Advantages of Antivirus Software: 1. Protection from viruses and their transmission 2. Block spam and ads 3. Defense against hackers and data thieves 4. Ensures protection from removable devices 5. Protects your data and files 6. Supercharge your PC 7. Firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks 8. Limit the access of websites to enhance web protection 9. Keeping an eye on kids 10. Protects your password 11. Cost-effective
  10. Tips To Protect Your Home Wi-Fi Network: 1. Change default username and password 2. Turn on Wireless Network Encryption 3. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) 4. Hide your network from view 5. Turn off your Wi-Fi Network when not at home 6. Keep your router software up to date 7. Use Firewalls 8. Place the router in the centre of your home 9. Enable MAC Address Filtering 10. Disable Remote Administration
  11. Types of Compiler: 1. Cross Compilers - They produce an executable machine code for a platform but, this platform is not the one on which the compiler is running. 2. Bootstrap Compilers - These compilers are written in a programming language that they have to compile. 3. Source to source/trans compiler - These compilers convert the source code of one programming language to the source code of another programming language. 4. De-compiler - Basically, it is not a compiler. It is just the reverse of the compiler. It converts the machine code into high-level language.
  12. Features of a Compiler: 1. Correctness 2. Speed of compilation 3. Preserve the correct the meaning of the code 4. The speed of the target code 5. Recognize legal and illegal program constructs 6. Good error reporting/handling 7. Code debugging help
  13. A compiler is a special program that processes statements written in a particular programming language and turns them into machine language or "code" that a computer's processor uses. Typically, a programmer writes language statements in a language such as Pascal or C one line at a time using an editor. The file that is created contains what are called the source statements. The programmer then runs the appropriate language compiler, specifying the name of the file that contains the source statements.
  14. Top Libraries Every Java Developer Should Know: 1. Java Standard Libraries 2. Mockito [Unit Testing Library] 3. JUnit [Unit Testing Library] 4. Apache Commons [General-Purpose Library] 5. Google Guava [General-Purpose Library] 6. Jackson [JSON Parsing Library] 7. Http Client [HTTP Library] 8. Log4j 2 [Logging Library] 9. DBCP [Database Connection Pool Library] 10. JAXB
  15. What is the difference between list and tuple in Python?
  16. Ways To Make Programming More Interesting For Beginners: 1. Be Thorough With the Fundamentals 2. Don’t Just Learn. Play! 3. Get the Help of a Mentor 4. Take Sufficient Breaks 5. Get Plenty of Feedbacks 6. Treat Yourself To Some Challenges 7. Learn To Code With Coding Games
  17. Best Frontend Javascript Frameworks 1. Angular - Angular JS is a front-end framework that specializes in building Single-Page applications. Supported by Google, it is used to build beautiful front-end user interfaces that are dynamic single-page applications. 2. React - React JS turns out to be quite a useful open-source, front-end Javascript library to create interactive UI components and building user interfaces. 3. Vue - Vue.js is a progressive framework designed to power single-page applications when used in a group of supporting libraries and modern tools. 4. Ember JS - Ember.js is a super productive, battle-tested JavaScript framework for building modern and rich UIs for web applications. 5. Backbone JS - Backbone.js is an uber-light framework that allows you to give structure to web applications in an MVC fashion where models include key-value binding and custom events.
  18. Server Name Indication (SNI) is an extension to the TLS protocol. It allows a client or browser to indicate which hostname it is trying to connect to at the start of the TLS handshake. This allows the server to present multiple certificates on the same IP address and port number.
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